A Fashion House with 50 Years of Experience

From a single clothing line to a range of 12 individual fashion brands. 
That is  - in short - the story of Godske Group. The company that came to being in 1970, where Agnethe and Egon Godskesen established Godske Kjoler, is at present-day an international fashion company that houses 12 different, successful clothing brands. 

An International Fashion Company

The Godskesen family has, ever since they launched their first clothing line 50 years ago, lead and evolved the company into the international fashion company that it is today. Present-day Godske designs and develops clothing for 12 individual fashion brands, focussing specifically on quality-minded and fashion-conscious women.

Trends come and go, as they have over the past 50 years. However, Godske's four prime company values never fall out of fashion:

Fit, quality, fashion, and service.

Proud Traditions and Strong Values

Godske is known for supplying quality cloths with a perfect fit and has done so for all brands ever since the early days.

Back in 1970, having design, pattern-making, grading, and production under one roof, was typical. Over the years, however, globalisation and the general, breathtaking developments in the fashion industry, many fashion companies chose to outsource these processes, partially or fully.


To ensure a perfect fit, we chose to keep the abovementioned vital skills in house, and attached both designer and technician to each brand.

In this fashion, we achieve irreplaceable and invaluable cooperation between the fashion-oriented designers and the skilled technicians, thus creating clothing with a perfect fit for all women, shape, size, or age notwithstanding. Our garments are comfortable to wear for everyone.

Quality and Fashion

We carefully select the high-quality materials used for our clothing lines to reflect the current fashion trends and fit the female form. 

Fabrics are not only selected for their specific print or colour; the material, the quality, and the print need to be gradable without losing their shape, fit, or expression.

Our designers create stylish clothing lines, each brand with its distinctive style. Prints, patterns, colours, finery - nothing is left to chance.

That is how our designers and technicians create fashionable clothing of supreme quality, made to fit real women in all sizes - not just tailor's dummies.

Service and Interactive Communication

Communication is everything for Godske, whether internally or with customers.

We do our best to create a unique customer experience and have in that light attached a sales rep to each brand, ready to assist you where possible. Godske's employees meet you with a smile or a kind voice. We dress our sales reps and customer service employees for success, to give you the best possible service.

Made in Europe

Our clothes are primarily produced in Europe, which makes it easier for our designers, technicians, and dressmaker's workroom to communicate. This is done to ensure no valuable knowledge is lost, in no small part due to it being easier to communicate without time-difference and cultural differences.


A Trustworthy Business Partner

We are proud to have lived by our core values for no less than 50 years. At Godske Group quality, fit, fashion, and service go hand in hand!

For you, this means that once you have found a style that matches your style and figure, you can rest assured you will do so in all future clothing lines. 

If you have been inspired, contact us now.

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