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1. Publisher

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2. What Is a Cookie?

Like most other websites, this site uses cookies to give you a better experience when using the website.

A cookie is a small piece of text sent to your browser by a website you visit, stored on your computer, phone, or tablet and is used to identify your device. All websites or online shops that have a check-out or shopping cart function, use cookies. Your use of our shopping cart tells us what you have added to your cart and what other products you might be interested in. Cookies are therefore essential for running a successful online shop.

Cookies are passive files and cannot collect any information from your computer, nor can they spread viruses or other harmful programs. Some cookies are placed by so-called third parties; companies other than the name listed in the address field (URL) of this browser. These cookies could be related to common content, but also for analysis tools or commentary fields. This means cookies are stored by other companies than the owner of this website.

Some cookies are only saved on the user’s device during your visit to the website, only while your browser is open (session cookies). Other cookies can be stored for a longer period (persistent cookies). When you revisit a website, session cookies will be replaced by new ones, while persistent cookies are merely renewed.


3. How To Delete or Block Cookies.

Find a tutorial here:​

4. Types of Cookies and Their Purpose uses cookies to analyse how our visitors use our website. This can help us simplify and improve your (future) visits. This data is gathered anonymously and cannot be used to trace back to single users and their identity.

PurposeFirst-party cookiesThird-party cookies
Technical functionalityYesNo
Traffic MeasurementYes


Advertisement (Frequency, User Measurement, etc.)NoNo
Behaviour-based individually targeted advertisementYesNo

5. First-party Cookies on This Website


gaTrackTransSession only

Contains a true/false value that determines the need to track a completed e-commerce transaction to Google Analytics, when loading the order confirmation during check-out.

eDisableInpageModalCartSession onlyContains a true/false value that determines the need to show a pop-up, everty time a product is added to the shopping basket. 
eInpageModalCartIDSession only

Contains a true/false value that determines whether a pop-up has been shown.


VisitorID og VisitDate1 yearUsed for traffic analysis.
DW_Extranet30 days

Used to remember your username and password.

Dynamicweb.CookieOptInLevel14 days

Used to remember you have accepted our use of cookies on this website.

Session Cookies

ASP.NET_SessionIdSession only 
Used for anonymous traffic analysis.

6. Third-party Cookies


Visitor_INFO1_LIVE8 monthsUsed by YouTube (Google). More information can be found here:

Google Analytics

_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmzUp to 6 months

Used for anonymous site traffic analysis. More information can be found here:

You can block Google Analytics cookies here:

Google Search Settings

PREF2 yearsNot in active use, but related to Google Analytics; a standard cookie placed by
More information can be found here:

7. Transparency Obligation 

Under Danish law, all Danish websites are obliged to inform customers about which cookies are placed on your equipment, for what purpose they are placed, and how they are used.

8. Processing of Personal Data

Our policy on the processing of personal data ('Personal Data Policy') describes how, CVR no. 13238006, collects and processes data about you. Find our Personal Data Policy here.

9. Contact

Should you have any questions about our cookie policy, please reach out via


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