Take a risk or loose the chance 

NOEN is a Nordic contemporary timeless collection for women who seek a versatile wardrobe with no expiration date.

Based on flattering silhouettes, beautiful prints and strong seasonal quality`s.

We want women to feel well dressed in our Nordic brand universe and make them feel well confident, strong and secure in our clothes.

NOEN creates collections, that provide women with wardrobe choices that suit their lifestyle and celebrates all body types, in flattering silhouettes and easy to “fall in love” with clothes.

Our collection is based on responsibility and common sense.

This means producing clothes in the best quality`s with a great fit made to be worn again and again.

We think more creative, and we are not afraid of a taken risk that are more attuned, informed, and responsible in accordance with our actions.

There is an almost magical feel in our collection, fusing statement pieces in innovative materials and finishes.

With creative craft, art and most importantly, clothes with a purpose.

Our collection strikes a perfect balance between opposite silhouettes, beautiful materials, flattering shapes, styles icons and colours – all elements complimenting each other.