Personality  ● PASSION ● Sophisticatedly Edgy

Stylish women with attitude!
Gomaye is perfect for fashionistas and stylish women, who demand high quality in both design and fit. Style is the language of passionate people, as we say, whether you are 18 or 72.

Twisted Classics
Danish design tradition and international fashion are often on opposite sides of the scale. Gomaye manages to bridge these differences by creating beautiful classics with a modern twist, in sizes 4 (EU-size 34) to 20 (EU-size 48). These twisted classics take the timeless classics as we know them and add a sophisticated edge that reflects the current fashion trends perfectly.

Mix 'n Match
Gomaye's high-quality garments are perfect wardrobe keepers and can endlessly be combined with other clothes. Beautiful basics and carefully selected elegant highlights that add elegance to a woman's wardrobe.

Your customers can match Gomaye's expressive attitude with other clothes, in numerous combinations, which makes the brand perfect in your fashion boutique or clothes shop. Every element of the collection is created to uplift a mere look to a fashion statement.

Amazing Quality
The materials used in Gomaye's collection can uplift the story each piece has to tell. Quality and a perfect fit are a matter of course. The stunning materials often have a raw and pure look and make the garments pleasant to wear.