Excellent Quality  ● Supreme Fit ● SPORTY Look

Sporty and Feminine Outer Wear for Stylish Women
Frandsen is one of the most successful producers of outerwear for women in Europe and has been for 50 years! While traditionally a brand with coats in a classic design, Frandsen has recently moved to collections that reflect the current fashion trends to a higher degree.

Spicy Classics
Frandsen is known for its timeless designs. Frandsen's coats, raincoats and frocks are the perfect addition to your clothes shop, especially if you are looking for outerwear with refreshing details, a timeless and stylish design, and a sporty look.

Colourful and Recyclable
Frandsen's collection is colourful and made with high-quality materials mixed with cotton, down feathers, vegan fur, and recyclable materials.

We Stick to Tradition
All this modernising doesn't mean we have forgotten the traditional, classic Frandsen coat as your customers have known throughout the years. These and many other beautiful can be bought wholesale in sizes 6 (EU-size 34) to 30 (EU- size 58), which means you can cater to women with petite sizes as well as those using a plus size.